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Monday 27 November 2023

FAO Set to Create Small-Scale Livestock Productivity Guidance Tool, Invites Stakeholder for e-Consultation

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In a significant development, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is responding to the Committee on Agriculture (COAG) Sub-Committee on Livestock's request for further consultations on the creation of a dedicated voluntary guidance tool for enhancing small-scale livestock productivity sustainably.

Following the initial request made during the first session of the COAG Sub-Committee on Livestock in March 2022, FAO is leading an extensive, inclusive, and multi-stakeholder consultation process. Under the guidance of the COAG Sub-Committee on Livestock's Bureau, FAO conducted a Global Survey titled "Need for a Dedicated Voluntary Guidance Tool for the Sustainable Enhancement of Small-Scale Livestock Productivity" in April-May 2023.

The findings from this survey have informed the drafting of potential objectives, scope, nature, and the development process for the voluntary guidance tool. To ensure a broad range of perspectives, FAO is now conducting an e-consultation, inviting feedback from key partners and stakeholders, including national governments, small-scale producer organizations, civil society organizations, global and regional development bodies, research institutions, academia, and other relevant organizations.

The insights gathered through this e-consultation will be crucial in shaping the final recommendations, which will be presented at the Second Session of the COAG Sub-Committee on Livestock in May 2024.

Participation in the e-consultation is open to all interested parties, and FAO encourages contributions from a diverse range of professionals. The consultation process is accessible through the FAO's webpage, where participants can find detailed information in English, Español, and Français. Those interested can register on the Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Forum and actively contribute to the discussions.

FAO expresses gratitude in advance to all contributors for their engagement and looks forward to a collaborative effort in enhancing small-scale livestock productivity sustainably. For further inquiries or support during the consultation process, participants can reach out to fsn-moderator@fao.org. This e-consultation is however open till 18th December, 2023 as stated on FSN Forum Website.

The FAO aims to create a comprehensive and impactful voluntary guidance tool that addresses the unique challenges faced by small-scale livestock producers, promoting sustainability and productivity in this crucial sector.

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