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Friday 17 November 2023

FAO AnGR Team Picks CBBP As Priority Topic for Capacity Building in 2024-2025

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The Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) Team of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has selected Community-Based Breeding Programmes (CBBP) as priority topic for Capacity Building in 2024-2025.

Livestocktrend.com had earlier reported the announcement made by Paul Boettcher, where he called for suggestions of topics most suitable for capacity building programs in the area of AnGR, following a recent support received from the Government of Germany.

Members of Domestic Animal Diversity Network (DAD-Net) immediately began to suggest several topics. Some of the topics suggested include: 

Development of climate resilient breed of dairy cattle for the tropics and subtropics

Dairy goat development for Asia


SOPs relating to cryo-conservation

Community-based livestock breeding and conservation

Select, multiply and Conserve endangered indigenous Livestock

Genomics, molecular breeding, bioinformatics, and machine learning

Molecular characterisation of local AnGR

Livestock husbandry under climate smart agriculture

Attracting Precision livestock farming for the small holder farmers in the developing world

National animal data recording

Animal breeding software

How to optimize improved productivity, food security, and conservation of AnGR

And many more suggestions.

However, FAO AnGR Team has now picked a priority topic of focus. This was made known recently in a message addressed to DAD-Net Members:

Dear colleagues, Thank you very much for the enthusiastic responses on priority topics for capacity building. Although many topics have been suggested, Community-Based Breeding Programmes (CBBP) was the clear "winner".

We would thus request you to elaborate on this so that we can develop and focus the curriculum to maximize the potential impact.

Are there any particular aspects of CBBP for which more information and capacity building are especially needed?

Thank you and kind regards, The FAO AnGR Team.


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