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Wednesday 16 August 2023

Flood havoc: Over 25,000 poultry birds perish in Anambra

Flood kill layers poultry bird
Photo credit: Nairaland Forum

More than 25,000 birds have perished due to a devastating flood that wreaked havoc on a state-of-the-art farm situated in Agbobo Umuoga Ossomala Community, within the Ogbaru council area of Anambra State. The flood catastrophe has forced the suspension of all operations at this multimillion-naira automated farm.
Dr. Patrick Sule-Ugboma, the proprietor of Matuuci Farms Ltd., the complex that houses the farm, conveyed this unfortunate development during a guided tour of the facility for the press. The repercussions of the disaster extended beyond the avian losses, adversely impacting the aquatic life within the farm's ponds and the cultivation of crops, particularly potatoes.

Due to this dire situation, approximately 400 employees of the company have been instructed to cease their work activities. The Ogbaru communities, situated along the River Niger coastline, frequently confront the challenges posed by flooding.

Sule-Ugboma emphasized that the farm, occupying a vast 20-hectare expanse of land, has incurred substantial financial losses as a result of the flood disaster. He lamented, "Our losses encompass not only the demise of over 25,000 poultry birds, but also the worth of several million naira tied up in our fish ponds and numerous other valuable assets."

The flooding predicament has further impacted the stability of certain bridges along the Onitsha-Ndoni Road, with the Umunnakwo Bridge in particular facing collapse. Regrettably, this bridge's collapse in the year 2022 precipitated a tragic boat accident that claimed several lives.

Addressing the potential dangers arising from the compromised bridges on the Ogbaru-Ndoni Road, Sule-Ugboma voiced his concerns for the well-being of residents and travelers alike. In light of this precarious situation, local inhabitants have resorted to utilizing wooden boats to navigate the river.

Sule-Ugboma urgently appealed to both the federal and Anambra State governments to promptly intervene and mitigate the crisis. He specifically implored Governor Charles Soludo to extend his attention to the plight of the Ogbaru communities, especially given the recurrent incidents of flooding.

He also extended his plea to the Niger Delta Development Commission, urging them to undertake the reconstruction of the Onitsha-Ndoni Road—a critical transportation route for the affected regions.

Sule-Ugboma concluded by underscoring the significance of agriculture to the Ogbaru communities, as well as those in the neighboring states of Delta, Imo, and Rivers. The agricultural sector serves as the backbone of these communities and warrants immediate attention and support in the wake of this environmental disaster.

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