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Thursday 26 January 2023

AFAN Stakeholders Call For Favourable Agricultural Policy In 2023

 Dr. Femi Oke, the chairman of All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), South-West zone, has noted that farmers are expecting more favourable policies from the government in 2023. In his words, “We expect better policies from the government than last year and what we experienced in 2021, especially in the area of flooding and COVID-19, and with the signing of the 2023 budget into law by President Muhammadu Buhari. We hope that the incoming government will fully implement it. We hope for a better year for us, especially for us the farmers, and Nigeria as a whole,”

Also remarking, Abdulhafiz Alkali, the National Publicity Secretary of the association, noted that most farmers lost a lot due to the flooding in 2022. He also said that the association wrote to the federal, state, and local governments asking them to help, but they did nothing.

He said, “However, to strengthen the policies, we have sat with climate change organisations, and they have been advising the farmers to start early planting from April till June.” Speaking on the policies, the Chief Executive Officer, Agric Learners, Aretola Oluwatosin, asserted that the government should make sure politics is not bought into the policies in strengthening the climate conditions in Nigeria.

In his words, “Why I say this is because we noticed that in Nigeria, only people that are influential are benefiting from the policies enacted by the government, which is very bad. Also, the government should make sure they put policies in place that can help strengthen the security of farmers and their produce. “Looking at when Obasanjo’s farm was invaded, I know what the government did to help him gain some of his investment back. However, they should not say because we are rural farmers, we do not have an entitlement to be helped as well. We all have equal rights.” However, Oke urged the Central Bank of Nigeria to work closely with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and registered agricultural associations, including AFAN for more openness.

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