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Thursday 27 August 2020

Make Agric Banks Functional So That Farmers Can Secure Loan With Ease - CEO Ayoola Farms (Exclusive Interview)

"Pig Farmer must not expect instant profit"- Ayoola Kolawole


Mr. Ayoola Joseph Kolawole, a graduate of English Education and the CEO of Ayoola Farms, Ogbomoso, in an interview with our correspondence warned aspiring pig farmers not to expect instant profit in pig business.


Ayoola Kolawole farms Livestocktrend
CEO, Ayoola Farms

Ayoola, explained his journey into farming as God's blessing. He said nature has provided him more fortune than white collar job.


"I graduated in 2017 after which I went for my youth service. In my profession, we render services to meet the need of others and get paid in return. As a teacher, the pay is too low. I read series of books on how to make money by rendering services to meet people's needs." He narrated.


"Money works for the rich while the poor work for money. White collar job is like working for money. No matter how much they pay you, you will never be satisfied." He summarized.


"I chose farming because it is a work of nature that will forever be relevant as long as humans exist because humans cannot do without food. I also chose farming because I have a passion for it, I was born into the family of farmers and since then I have a burning desire to meet people’s need.”


When asked if pig farming is expensive to start, Ayoola said “Not too expensive, not expensive, although this assertion depends on individual views. If you already have a space to rear the pigs, with 30,000 Naira you can start. Buy 2 pigs and use the remaining to buy the feed."


He recalled that he started his farm with just 38,000 Naira with no pen but he was blessed with an open space where he constructed a pen that cost almost 30,000 Naira.


He advised aspiring pig farmers not to wait for more money before venturing into farming business but should start little and add more money as it grows into big farming business.


"When I started, I had 38,000 Naira on me. No pen, but there was an open space. I constructed a pen that cost almost 30,000 Naira and plastered the floor. In the process of waiting, an investor gave me 80,000 Naira which I used to buy 2 gilts, 1 boar and the feeds. With 100,000 Naira, someone can start good pig business, as time goes by one can expand.”


“But you might not need to wait to get 100,000 Naira at once. You can start putting things in place expecting to make more money. One important thing to note is that you must have a place to get money to finance your business pending the time the business will start financing itself. “He continued.


He called on the government to make agricultural banks functional so that farmers can go there to secure loan with ease. He added that grants could also be made available to pig farmers just like the “Trader Moni” intervention of the Federal government.


"Animals also get sick, government can as well open veterinary hospitals across local governments of the federation. Veterinary medicine around us will help protect our animals." He concluded

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