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Wednesday 26 August 2020

Cow Yoga Event Cancelled In UK Due to Protest and Displeasure of Hindu Community


UK’s third-largest natural yogurt brand, Lancashire Farm Dairies (LFD) has apologized to the Hindu community due to a recent session of cow yoga at Leyland Farm.


The session is said to have been cancelled after claims by members of the Hindu community that the event trivializes two serious concepts of Hinduism.


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The protest against the yoga session was led by Rajan Zed, a Hindu statesman.


In an email to Mr. Zed, Jack Morrison, Brand Manager at LFD, wrote: “We can only apologize if the recent fitness activity has caused offence.”


“As you can imagine this wasn’t our intent, there will not be further events.”

Mr. Zed, who is the President of Universal Society of Hinduism, thanked LFD for understanding the concerns of Hindu community.


He advised that companies like LFD should have their senior executives trained about religious and cultural sensitivity, so as to have an understanding of the feelings of customers and communities when introducing new products, organizing events or launching advertising campaigns.


Zed had stated that cow, the seat of many deities, which was sacred and had long been honoured in Hinduism; should not be used as prop for human entertainment; stating that this act is against the profound, sacred and ancient discipline of yoga.

He said: “Real yogis should not attend such events where cows were inappropriately used, causing unnecessary disturbance to cows and putting them in stressful situations.”


“Cows should be left well alone and accorded the respect they deserved.” He explained.


Rajan Zed added that the event should be discouraged before it became “a trendy fad” that would see “herds of people” flocking for an “Instagram opportunity.”

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