Covid-19: The Pandemic Causes Death and Affects Goat Farming - GASUFAN Nat'l Coordinator - LivestockTrend


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Monday 17 August 2020

Covid-19: The Pandemic Causes Death and Affects Goat Farming - GASUFAN Nat'l Coordinator

The Goat and Sheep Utilisation Farmers Association of Nigeria  (GASUFAN) National Coordinator has explained that Covid-19 caused death and affected the goat farming business in Nigeria.

Prince Adedeji Adewale made this known in an interview session with our correspondent, explaining the effect of the pandemic in recent months.

"Yes Covid pandemic has taken its toll on the enterprise culminating in the sudden death of animals, low market drive, death of quality animals etc", he lamented.

He added that the association is keen to providing help for farmers as their qualified Veterinary doctors go around cluster groups to provide help and new measures to goat farmers.

"Nigeria Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) organized a one day workshop on the new trends in goat and sheep enterprise as part of mitigating measures and for now our qualified Vet doctors are going round our cluster groups to introduce new measures and enforcement of bio-security to forestall further damage to the management of these animals." he explained.

Speaking on the high prices of goat and sheep in the market, Prince Adewale pointed to the outbreak of Covid as one of the significant reasons but not all.

"Covid-19 is prevalent agreed but the cost of feeding and availability of feed components is low and with risk." he added.

He also explained that they are currently yet to receive any assistance from both the federal or State government.

"Not yet and we have not seek for any for now." he concluded.

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