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Tuesday 2 April 2019

Nigeria not eligible to export animal products - NVMA President

Dr. Bello Agaie
Substandard quality has been cited as the reason for the country’s inability to export its animal products according to Bello Agaie, the President of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association. 

He revealed this at a press briefing for the 2019 edition of the association's annual summit which held at Abuja. 

Dr. Agaie bewailed the operational state of the animal production industry in the country and noted that countries with a smaller number of animals are qualified to export their products. He pointed accusing fingers at a number of factors which he deemed responsible for the woes in animal products exportation.

Abattoirs which conventionally should prioritize consumer health do not carry out their responsibilities in the country as the veterinary doctors who should examine the meats for safety are limited in number and nearly nonexistent with states like Rivers having only one veterinary doctor in the entire state leaving the delicate job of safety to complete laymen who prioritize the revenue above the safety of the products which are put up for sale.

Speaking on the resolutions of the summit, Dr. Agaie stated that the summit directs the full implementation of regulations all through the country. The summit also charged the members of the association to become more involved in the overall animal problem plaguing the country particularly the frequent Avian influenza outbreaks. He urged them to observe the recommended biosecurity measures in order to curtail the disease.

He also commended the efforts of National Assembly for passing much needed bills governing the veterinary profession in the country. He however cited the need for the reinstatement of the Board of Veterinary Council of Nigeria which was dissolved in the year 2015. 

He also praised the Federal Government for its efforts in controlling Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

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