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Tuesday 2 April 2019

2018: Wonder year for JBS

Brazilian meat giant, JBS, has recorded promising profits as they closed their books for the year 2018. 

They recorded a whooping net revenue of R$181.7bn (Brazilian real) and clocked a total gross profit of R$26.3bn, which marked a 10% increase from 2017’s gross profit records. 2018 also ended better in the EBITDA department with a 10.7% increase totaling R$14.8bn.

Steady cattle supply, booming economy and the low rate of unemployment in the United States of America also proved favorable for JBS who recorded a 13.7% in revenue when compared to 2017 totaling a net revenue of R$78.6bn in the beef industry (which also includes proceeds recorded in Australia and Canada) (JBS Beef USA) and a net revenue of R$20.8bn in the pork industry (JBS Pork USA); the growth of the pork processing industry in the US contributing massively to its success.

Adverse weather conditions spelled a shaky period for poultry producers Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation (PPC). A step-up in the overall operational improvement however made up for these shortcomings and it was a happy ending for the company as they recorded a 16,2% increase in sales totaling R$39.9bn in revenue.
There were also overall improvements in poultry production in Europe by PPC, but the positivity was held back by the increase in the price of poultry feeds. The division of PPC in Seara recorded a 1.1% increase in revenue totaling R$17.7bn.

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