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Wednesday 30 January 2019

Ekiti Farmers received Fund for Agribusiness Sensitization Team with open arms

Livestock and Crop farmers in Ekiti State were highly elated while welcoming the Omotoso-led Fund for Agribusiness Sensitization Team in Ado Ekiti.

Prior to the arrival of the Sensitization Team, Ekiti farmers had anticipated the arrival and had assembled themselves at the Cooperative Hall, Ejigbo Roundabout, Ado Ekiti, where the team met them.

The Chairman of Ekiti State Chamber of Commerce, Mines and Agriculture was in attendance alongside representative of related Federal Government agencies in the State, farmers from all local government in the State and intending farmers.

While addressing the audience, Mr. Abiodun Akinyo, FCMB Senior Account Officer, assured the farmers of accessing the AGSMEIS loan facility provided they can diligently follow the steps as highlighted by the Central Bank of Nigeria in the guideline released in August 2018.

“We are ready to facilitate AGSMEIS loan facility for ‘Real’ Farmers and not Political Farmers”, Mr. Akinyo concluded.

Mr. Johnson Olufala, FCMB South West SME Credit Officer, explained in details the step by step approach to access the loan facility in compliance with CBN rules and regulation.

Dr. Ayo Omotoso however warned the farmers not to assume that the AGSMEIS fund is an avenue to take a bite of the “National Cake”, because the fund is a loan and not a grant.

He beseeched the farmers to hasten up their training and file their application for the fund.

Meanwhile, the farmers expressed their delight and appreciation in their responses. They affirmed that they were not aware of the AGSMEIS fund before the sensitization meeting.
Participants at the sensitization meeting 

After the sensitization meeting, the team then proceeded to the Ekiti State Chamber of Commerce for a brief meeting with the management.

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