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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Flinders+ Co becomes world’s first carbon neutral meat supplier

After in-depth analysis by experts from the Carbon Reduction Institute, Flinders+ Co, formerly called Flinders Island Meat which was recently re-launched with the objective ‘to cultivate a better food world’ is a meat supply company based in Australia has become the first in the world to supply completely carbon neutral meat. This feat was achieved with support from meat producers Cape Grim Beef and Island Wagyu.

The Managing Director of the company, James Madden, who started the company in 2011 with his father described the vision of the company as one which seeks to make a real difference. He further stated that ‘becoming carbon neutral is the first step to show that the meat industry, which is often tagged with environmental anomalies can make a big positive change for the future.’

Studies carried out by the company revealed areas in which carbon emissions could be significantly reduced. In places where emissions could not be totally eradicated, certain projects have been put in place to achieve total carbon neutrality. The company further took a step in its desire to ensure carbon neutrality in every single kilo of meat it supplied.

Mr. Madden expressed his pleasure in this development and stated that it would place Australian meat in a ‘unique position. He also expressed his desire for other meat companies to take similar steps in ensuring victory in the fight against climate change.

The entire domestic industry is projected to be entirely carbon neutral by 2030, according to reports by Meat and Livestock Australia.

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