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Tuesday 11 December 2018

Environment, Modernisation and Young Farmers key focus for EU

EU farm commissioner, Phil Hogan has expressed his desire for the focus of the CAP 2021-2027 to be in three key factors, “Environment, Modernisation and Young Farmers.”

He said this at this year’s edition of the EU Agricultural Outlook Conference which held in Brussels. The conference was titled, “The future of food and farming: Food for Thought” and has become the hub of intellectual interaction among elites in the European agriculture sector in which key aspects of European agriculture are discussed.

Mr. Hogan, speaking at the conference described the Commission’s proposal as a ‘game-changer’ which could result in progress for farmers and citizens of the EU.
He described the proposal as a ‘truly modern policy for food, farming and rural development’ and stated that it would deliver promising results in the increasing of the level of environmental and climatic conditions and the helping of youths who wish to delve into the farming profession. 
He described such youths as ‘catalysts for change and modernisation’ and as such the EU should be dedicated in assisting them.
He also spoke about the trade policy as one which has created thousands of jobs and is creating more thereby improving the standard of living in EU communities.

He concluded by stating his proposal for key decision-makers to have more proximity and accessibility to those whom their decisions will directly affect. He also expressed his desire to retain the post of Commissioner for Agriculture come 2019, if recommended by the Prime Minister of Ireland.

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