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Thursday 1 November 2018

Russian Comfrey emerges as better Protein Fodder

by Kayode Oladipo

The high yielding fodder, Russian Comfrey, which was also described as human food by Central Kenyan Kikuyu Communities who use it in the preparation of the Kenyan meal, ‘mukimo’, is reported to provide over three times more protein when compared to the conventional Napier grass.

Thomas Momanyi, a Kisii-based agricultural extension officer explained that Napier grass contains about 8.3% protein while Comfrey has over 30% protein. Comfrey also trumps Napier grass in the rate of its production. Napier grass’ harvest generally ranges up to 60 tonnes per acre while about 100 tonnes of Comfrey can be harvested from one acre of land.

This development however, has not significantly affected the use of Napier grass among local Kenyan livestock farmers.

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