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Thursday 1 November 2018

Importation of Poultry Meat and Feeds threaten Kenyan Farmers

Photo Credit: Samar Daboul/Pexels
by Kayode Oladipo

Massive importation of cheap poultry parts have stirred up a cry among local poultry farmers and feed producers in Kenya. The imports were alledgedly shipped from the US two weeks and were estimated at over 20 tonnes of poultry meat.

Dr. Humphrey Mbugua, the manager of the Association of Kenyan Feed Manufacturers noted that some countries which have unrestricted access into the Kenyan market restrict Kenyan poultry products from entering into their own market, hence the need to ‘level the playing ground.’
He also lamented on the threat the cheap imports had on the local Kenyan markets who could be pushed out of business and suggested that Kenya put guidelines on fair trade to protect the interests of local farmers.

He also spoke on the health risks this poses to the buyers of such cheap imports. He noted that Americans often consume poultry in boneless breast meats and ship off the remaining parts to Africa where consumers prefer poultry with bones like thigh parts and wing quarters.

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