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Saturday 10 November 2018

Niger State Government Alerts Consumers over Contaminated Meats

The Niger State government has raised an alarm over the widespread sales of compromised meat and livestock at livestock markets and hatcheries by nonchalant sellers.
The alarm was raised by the state Commisioner for Livestock and Fisheries, Zakari Bawa on Wednesday at the Government house in Minna.

Mr. Bawa described the activities of these sellers as ‘dubious’ as they “induce and slaughter contaminated animals for meat before selling them.”
Inducing animals with various drugs indiscriminately increases health risks significantly as these drugs could be deposited in the animal tissue and cause problems for unsuspecting consumers, unauthorized use of veterinary drugs could also cause resistance by various disease causing organisms.

The commissioner for Information and Strategy, Danjuma Sallau said that the word on these activities is already out in the public and a fine of NGN500, 000 has been set for anyone who is caught.  

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