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Thursday 8 November 2018

NIAS Ensures High Quality Feed is maintained in Nigeria

The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS), on an inspection to Olam Grains and Hybrid Feed Mills, Kaduna has revealed that it will not tolerate a ‘compromise on production standard’ by feed mills in the country.

NIAS revealed this through its Head of Inspectorate Department, Mr. Olutemi Atunbi, who also noted that companies must heed to the government policies put in place concerning ‘production policy and standard.’

He continually emphasized that the inspection was meant to instill a sense of competition amongst feed mill companies in terms of high quality standards of their products. This in turn will lower health risks among animals and the humans who consume animal products.
He also urged feed companies to register with NIAS to aid the inspection process and ensure that they are ‘in line with the best practices.’

NIAS also showed that the big players in the feed production industry are compliant with the regulations put in place.

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