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Wednesday 7 November 2018

Chemical Waste: “Our Fish Species are gone” - Kaduna Fishermen

Fishermen in Kaduna have lamented the recent scarcity of certain aquatic species from the popular Kangami Dam in Kaduna.
It is now rare to see species like sardines and crocodiles in these waters and such scarcity are piloting many fishermen into other vocations in a dire bid to make a living.

The fishermen also revealed that the number of the species still being harvested has drastically reduced from what it was over 10 years ago.

The assistant director at African Climate Reporters, Dr. Piman Hoffman who is a climatologist has attributed this scarcity to improper dumping of chemical waste from chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture and other human activities which cause disturbance to aquatic life.

He also lamented the negligence of companies who dump chemical waste in rivers and oceans to the adverse effects on aquatic life and cited the need to stop this menace.

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