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Tuesday 6 November 2018

Chinese company launches groundbreaking Pig Farm Solution

Armed with just a smartphone, pig farmers around the world in the coming years can now oversee their farms with relative ease. Chinese-based company Yingzi is making that dream come true as it recently launched its inspiring Future Pig Platform.

Future Pig Farm (FPF) is already reportedly in use in two farms in China. The idea encapsulates an innovative collaboration between the internet and the pig industry bringing together a number of pig farming solutions in the comfort of a mobile device.

Dr. Jackson He, CEO of Yingzi explained that FPF has about 5 key aspects in one, some of which are being developed by other technological companies.

The platform contains pig facial recognition technology for easy identification of individual pigs, a veterinary assistant for keeping records of veterinary tasks, a genomic data platform for help in breeding, an environmental control app which keeps records and reports environmental conditions and a precision feeding platform that keeps track of the pigs’ nutrition.

The company seeks to reduce the cost of producing pigs presumably by cutting down costs generated by slow-handling of certain tasks and unavailability of needed data.

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