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Monday 1 July 2024

Record Surge in Pork Consumption in Russia

Russian pork consumption is poised to soar to unprecedented levels in 2024, with each person expected to consume an additional 2 kilograms, bringing the total to nearly 32 kilograms per capita. This surge represents a significant milestone in a decade-long trend of escalating pork consumption.

Andrey Dalnov, a senior analyst at Rosselhozbank, underscores the remarkable growth in pork consumption over the past decade. From 2014, when the average Russian consumed 23.4 kilograms annually, there has been a substantial increase of nearly one-third. This growth coincides with a 56% expansion in pig industry output during the same period.

2024 experts anticipate a robust 1.6-kilogram increase in per capita pork consumption, marking the most substantial one-year rise in the past decade. By comparison, consumption rose by 0.8 kilograms in 2022 and by 0.7 kilograms in 2023, reaching an estimated 30.3 kilograms, according to Rosselhozbank.

Dalnov highlights potential health benefits associated with increased pork consumption, citing its optimal balance of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and microelements per calorie. Nations with high life expectancy often exhibit relatively high levels of pork consumption, suggesting a positive correlation between pork intake and population health.

Economic factors also play a pivotal role in driving this trend, with rising incomes and increased availability of pork contributing significantly. Sergey Yushin, chairman of the Russian Meat Association, notes that social payments have bolstered incomes, particularly among lower-income groups, thereby stimulating greater meat consumption overall.

In 2023, total meat consumption per capita in Russia is projected to reach a record 83 kilograms, underscoring the nation's robust appetite for meat products.

Looking ahead, Rosselhozbank forecasts an additional 350,000 tonnes in Russian pork production for 2024, nearing a total output of 5 million tonnes in live weight. This expansion reflects strong market demand and growth opportunities within the pork sector.

The rising popularity of pork is beginning to challenge the dominance of broiler meat as the primary protein source in Russia. In 2023, per capita consumption of broiler meat was steady at 35 kilograms, yet occasionally faced declines due to competitive pricing from pork.

Dalnov predicts that in 2024, pork consumption may surpass broiler meat, potentially reshaping Russia's meat consumption landscape.

In conclusion, the trajectory of pork consumption in Russia underscores its growing significance, driven by economic dynamics, health considerations, and evolving consumer preferences. These factors collectively contribute to the expanding role of pork within the nation's dietary habits and agricultural economy.

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