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Monday 1 July 2024

Inspiring Youths: Embracing Poultry Farming Over Sports Betting

Augustine Wireko Asubonteng

In the heart of Bekwai Kwamang, Augustine Wireko Asubonteng, the Managing Director of Wireko Asubonteng Farms Limited, passionately advocates for a shift in focus among Ghanaian youth. His message is clear: steer away from the allure of sports betting and embrace the transformative potential of poultry farming within just a year.

Asubonteng firmly believes that sports betting is not a sustainable path to financial security. Drawing from his extensive experience in agriculture, he urges young people to consider the long-term benefits and stability that poultry farming offers over the fleeting gains of gambling.

In a recent interview with the Daily Agric News portal, Asubonteng expressed his concern over the rising trend of youth involvement in sports betting. He underscores the need for alternative livelihoods that provide not only stability but also significant growth opportunities, highlighting poultry farming as a prime example.

Reflecting on his journey, Asubonteng shares his remarkable evolution from starting with 15,000 layers to managing a thriving enterprise of 90,000 birds today. His transition from a Chartered Accountant at Goldfield Company Limited to a dedicated poultry farmer is a testament to the transformative potential of agriculture in Ghana.

Beyond personal success, Asubonteng is driven by a broader mission: to reduce Ghana's dependence on imported poultry products through local production. His dedication to this cause underscores the critical role of agriculture in national economic growth and food security.

Asubonteng advocates for a cultural shift towards entrepreneurship among Ghanaian youth. He calls for the development of comprehensive youth innovation policies that foster creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. These skills are essential for addressing the country’s persistent challenges and driving sustainable development.

In conclusion, Asubonteng challenges young Ghanaians to embrace hard work and innovation as the foundations of success. He emphasizes that genuine achievement requires dedication and perseverance, qualities that find fertile ground in poultry farming and other productive ventures.

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