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Friday 21 August 2020

Poultry Farmers Are Dying, Oyo PAN Cries Out

.... Maize and other feeds are unaffordable


The Oyo Chapter of the Poultry Association of Nigeria has cried out that their farmers are dying due to numerous losses during and after the Corona-virus pandemic in the State.


The Public Relation Secretary, Mr. Olufemi Bamigboye made this known in an interview with our correspondent during a telephone conversation.


He recalled that day old chicks worth several millions of Naira were destroyed by the security officers at a check point at the peak of the pandemic.


"At the onset of Covid-19 in Nigeria, the Federal government of Nigeria instituted a policy of inter-state lock down and I am sure you are aware of that in April, day old chicks worth several millions of Naira were destroyed by police officers at a checkpoint in the process of trying to enforce the lock down rule, despite the fact that federal government already exempted essential workers and essential commodities, most especially agricultural commodities, we are surprised that a police officer don't recognize an essential commodity.", he lamented.


He added that many poultry farmers are living on loans from bank and the losses are weighing down the farmers and killing some in the process.


"For a farmer that has paid for day old chicks worth millions of Naira and the hatchery will not bear the loss because the chicks already left the farm, don't you think it's enough for a farmer to have hypertension or die in the process due to the loss?.", he explained.


He further stated that poultry farmers are currently battling with hike in prices of Maize and other feed ingredients which is a heavy burden on farmers, making it expedient for farmers to, as a response, increase the price of egg.


"We are currently battling with maize price and many farmers are unable to sell their eggs. Maize per kilo before was about 80 - 85 Naira but now we are buying it for about 175 Naira per kilo. Finished feeds have also increased in price, the feeds we buy for 2500 - 2700 Naira are now sold for 3500 – 3700 Naira and we cannot increase the price of egg, you can see that we are suffering. Many are out of business because majority of the funding are done with loans and bank will definitely collect back their money.", he added.


Speaking with Chairman House Committee on Agriculture, Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Ojedokun Peter Gbadegeshin assured the poultry farmers that very soon the issue of scarcity of maize will be forgotten as soon as agribusiness kick starts in the state.


He explained that the Oyo State government is already making moves before the farmer voiced out and very soon, they will experience the impact of good governance in the State.


"Maize, soon, will be something we won't lack because we are aware that maize is very important to our hens and I can assure you that we are working on producing good maize which we can also sell to the world market.", says Hon. Ojedokun.


"In Awe, Oyo town, we are working with a company that will help in drying our maize in a way that makes it suitable for our hens and before the year runs out, the company will kick start.", He concluded.

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