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Tuesday 18 August 2020

Oyo Assembly Calls For Need To Rehabilitate Rural Roads For Farmers

The Oyo State House of Assembly has called on the State Government for the need to rehabilitate rural roads for farmers for easy transportation of goods from farm to needed markets.


Hon. Bamidele Adeola, representing Iseyin/Itesiwaju Local Government made this known on the floor of the Oyo State House of Assembly on Tuesday, 18 August, 2020.


Hon. Adeola charged the government to improve the condition and ensure that the rural roads are in good condition so as to make life easy for farmers in the rural areas and within.


Hon. Bamidele Adeola

"Majority of our farm products both plants and livestock are from kilometers far away from the main city and they are plying these roads daily and in process of that, many of the farm products are expose to lot of damages which will not help the business of our farm but if we have good roads, it will ease their transportation and movement around with the distribution of these goods to the market", he explained.


He further added that almost all the farm products in Oyo State are produced in the rural with more than 50kilometers away from the city center.


"Iseyin for example has about 50 neighborhood villages and are very equipped with thousands of land used by our farmers and one of the principal agendas of this current administration is to improve condition and state of agriculture in the State." He added.


"We must ensure the ease of transportation for these farmers by improving the state of rural roads which will be of help to the development of the Agriculture sector in the State." He concluded.

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