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Monday 8 April 2019

New Zealand cooperative launches new meat products to the UK

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Farming cooperative based in New Zealand, Alliance, has announced the launch of a string of lamb meat varieties to the United Kingdom food service. 

This came as a result of a market survey which was carried out early last year in February.

The survey revealed that consumers craved more variety in the options in lamb dishes which they were offered in restaurants and retail centers.

The research results represented in percentages showed that 65% disliked the current selection and were disappointed at the lack of variety in the lamb menus, 82% expected and wished to have new and more interesting lamb dishes, 85% preferred to go out rather than buy raw lamb meat for cooking.

The range of lamb dishes introduced includes seven sous-vide (cooked airtight) lamb and venison products; lamb ribs, pulled lamb, lamb rump, shoulder rack, lamb henry, lamb shank and diced venison.

Thomas Walsh, the national account manager for Alliance stated that the cooperative always sought new ways to improve on meat production and consumer satisfaction. He also revealed that the products had no additives or preservatives to improve shelf-life.

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