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Monday 1 April 2019

Danish Technological Institute to provide aid for meat industry

The month of May will mark a significant milestone for the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) as they set to launch new developmental goals designed to improve the activities of the meat industry.

The improvements which majorly focus on the pork industry will cover areas such as the cost of meat production, quality, and mitigating the negative impacts from the environment on meat production.
The first unveiling of these goals will be at the International Trade Fair for the meat industry in Frankfurt (IFFA).

The goals will include such logical improvements such as cutting the maximum lead time from 30 hours to 17 hours. This, according to the business development director of the DTI will result in meats of much more higher quality, higher shelf life, and invariably more profit to pork producers as they can now sell their products at higher prices increasing the competitive advantage of the producers.

Berney Sanders, the business development director of the Danish Technological Institute also explained that the demand for high quality meats in terms of the work environment, animal welfare and traceability are at an all high. This, he said, are the reasons why the 10 developmental goals were implemented; to assist the industry in finding solutions to these challenges.

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