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Friday 5 April 2019

Cyclone Idai: FAO to assist Livestock and Fisheries Farmers

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The Food and Agriculture Organization is set to render much needed aid to farmers in rural communities after the devastating effects of the just past cyclone Idai which hit three countries in southern Africa, Mozambique the worst hit of all.

Reports have shown that the aftermath of the cyclone poses a serious threat to the livelihood of countries like Mozambique in which 80% of its population depend on agriculture as a living.

These have spurred the FAO into action as these not only threaten the livelihood of the farmers but of the economy of the country at large. 

Regions like Manica and Sofala which are responsible for nearly 25% of the country’s overall cereal output are expected to record major harvest losses. 

As it stands, over 1.8 million individuals are threatened with hunger and food shortage after the cyclone.

The FAO has prepared a budget for and requested for the sum of an initial $19 million to provide aid over the next three months for the worst hit regions with priority for the fish and livestock sector.

Olman Serrano, the coordinator of the FAO branch in Mozambique explained the urgency of the situation. 

He stated that as soon as the amount of recoverable agricultural land is determined, farmers will be geared up and equipped with seeds to prepare for the next planting season which starts this month (April) as well as the main planting season in September.

The aid provided by the FAO will also involve the evacuation of farm animals and also provision of veterinary services and feed for livestock.

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