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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Animal Welfare: Flemish Government invest €3m in Flanders for abattoir inspections

Animal welfare control regulations in Flanders have seen a boost as the Flemish government has offered a €3m support fund to establish a mobile control team to conduct surprise inspection in the abattoirs throughout Flanders. The money will be used to cater for 24 full-time staff of the mobile control team.

The Flemish Minister for Animal Welfare, Ben Wetys who is to give the money for the mobile control team stated that the government has had to intervene in several animal abuse cases in abattoirs. 

He expressed his desire to prevent the further suffering of animals in these slaughterhouses in placing inspectors in abattoirs that prioritize animal welfare.

He cited the examples of such abuses in recent years in Tielt and Izegem which were closed down for some time and were later granted permission to resume operations under strict conditions.

Mr. Wetys who expressed his commitment to establishing the ‘most comprehensive control system in Europe’ has since established an effective step-by-step system to improve animal welfare in Flanders’ abattoirs. 

The system involves the external screening of abattoirs, improved camera surveillance, training for slaughterers, and the strengthening of the animal welfare officer position in each abattoir.

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