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Monday 12 November 2018

Delta State begins training of farmers for goat production

Goat farmers in Delta State, Nigeria, have caught the attention of the government who have begun training sessions in proper goat rearing. This was implemented as a result to instill adequate and modern knowledge about the rearing of goats.

Knowledge sharing among farmers was cited as the main reason for the training by the Permanent Secretary, Delta State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority, Austin Oghoro in his opening speech. 
Mr. Oghoro also stated plans of the state government, asides from this development in goat farming, to partner with certain international agencies to equip farmers in feed finishing and fattening of livestock.
Farmers will, under this partnership, have access to modern technologies, health care, improved feeding and husbandry techniques etc., all supported by the state government.

He also lamented the fact that goat farming was considered ‘small-scale’ as it largely practiced by rural dwellers with each owning about five to ten goats. Farmers who engage in mixed farming keep goats as a ‘secondary enterprise’ to support the main cropping businesses. Goats are excellent low forage to meat converters and as such are not very expensive to rear. He noted that goats provide a wide range of resources such as, milk, meat, hair and also have numerous cultural significance.

However, Mr. Oghoro remarked that goats living under the conventional rural conditions of mixed grazing often experience low productivity. He suggested the application of better farming practices to solve this problem.

Mr Julius Omunizua, the director, livestock services, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources revealed that about 180 farmers were partakers in the training going on in the three senatorial districts in the State.

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