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Monday 8 July 2024

Unlocking the Potential of Kenya's Livestock Sector: President Ruto to Lead Auction at Kisumu ASK Show


In a move to showcase the significance of Kenya's livestock industry, President William Ruto is set to oversee a landmark livestock auction at the upcoming Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) Kisumu Regional Show, scheduled to take place from July 24-28 at the Mamboleo Showground.

This inaugural auction in Kisumu County is poised to be a highlight of the regional exhibition, which has garnered participation from over 120 local and international exhibitors. Kisumu ASK Chairman George Ong'udi emphasized that the event will feature highly improved livestock breeds, further enhancing the show's prestige.

"Introducing a livestock auction is a first for us. We've faced challenges in sourcing high-quality animals, but those have been resolved. We anticipate the presence of President Ruto and other senior government officials," Ong'udi stated.

The show's theme, "Promoting Climate-Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Sustainable Growth," has attracted a diverse range of exhibitors from various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, housing, SMEs, banking, hospitality, education, and both public and private sectors.

Prominent sugar factories, such as South Nyanza (SONY), Chemelil, and Kipchimchim, have confirmed their attendance, showcasing technological advancements and products related to the sugar industry.

This announcement follows the recent Kenya Meat Expo, which shed light on the vital role of the livestock industry in Africa's economic situation. Dr. Huyam Salih, Director of AU-IBAR, highlighted the sector's importance and its potential to drive the continent's growth under the BETA agenda, aimed at transforming the meat industry.

Dr. Salih noted the livestock sector's significant contribution to economic transformation, stating, "The meat sub-sector contributes 24.9% to GDP and is growing faster than traditional agriculture. Africa holds a third of the world's livestock, with Kenya being a key player due to its large herds."

However, the sector faces challenges such as low investment levels and climate change impacts. Dr. Salih remarked, "Agricultural spending on livestock dropped from 30% in 2015 to 12% in 2022, far below the recommended 30% by the Livestock Development Strategy for Africa."

With the demand for animal-sourced foods (ASF) on the rise, driven by urbanization and a growing middle class, Dr. Salih pointed out that ASF consumption in Africa is currently at 12.2 grams per day, half the global average. Despite this, Africa still imports US$4 billion worth of animal products annually due to insufficient domestic production.

The upcoming Kisumu ASK show, with President Ruto's participation in the livestock auction, presents an opportunity to showcase the potential of Kenya's livestock sector and pave the way for its sustainable growth. By addressing the challenges and unlocking the industry's potential, Kenya can position itself as a key player in the continent's economic transformation.

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