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Monday 25 March 2024

FGN Urges Swift Execution of Livestock Enhancement Initiatives Nationwide

 The Federal Government has urged stakeholders to accelerate the rollout of livestock enhancement initiatives throughout Nigeria.

At a two-day livestock production stakeholders’ meeting held at the International Conference Center, University of Ibadan, the collaboration between the World Bank and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, under the Livestock Productivity and Resilience Support Project (L-PRES), lauded the efforts of Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, towards advancing livestock production in the state.

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The gathering centered on the execution of a $500 million World Bank initiative by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, aimed at enhancing the productivity, commercialization, and resilience of the livestock value chain.

Sanusi Abubakar, the National Project Coordinator of L-PRES, shared insights with reporters following a visit to Fashola Farm Settlement in Oyo town.

He remarked, “Our task is to expedite the implementation of this livestock program nationwide as mandated by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Senator Abubakar Kyari. That’s why we're conducting these implementation missions.”

Abubakar expressed satisfaction with the operations at Fashola Farm, renowned for its livestock breeding and commercialization since 1968. “We're impressed with the activities here,” he stated. “They're providing training on artificial insemination, livestock management, and pastures. Thankfully, Oyo State is actively participating in this project, and we're here to extend our support.”

Abubakar also praised the supportive environment fostered by the Oyo State government for livestock production investors. “This conducive environment is crucial because it attracts investors and funding to our country,” he emphasized.

“The livestock production model adopted by Oyo State resembles the livestock service centers, where significant activities in livestock production and commercialization occur,” he added. “Oyo State's involvement in the project is commendable, and there's potential for further enhancement and progress.”

The State Project Coordinator of L-PRES, Mr. Kola Kazeem, elucidated that their team's objective is to assist Oyo State in livestock production and development. He noted, “Representatives from 16 states across the country are here to witness Governor Seyi Makinde's agricultural and agribusiness initiatives.”

Kazeem highlighted the importance of Fashola Farms, describing it as an unparalleled setup among livestock centers and a hallmark project for Oyo State, setting a benchmark for other states.

He urged investors to capitalize on the favorable business environment facilitated by the state government, citing the “one region, one Agric hub” policy under the Seyi Makinde administration, alongside plans for additional agricultural hubs in various zones of the state.

Dr. Debo Akande, Special Adviser to the Oyo State Governor on Agribusiness, International Cooperation, and Development, underscored the state's vast potential in livestock production. He emphasized the L-PRES project's readiness to bolster the state government's endeavors in revitalizing the livestock value chain, encompassing not only cattle but also poultry, piggery, and other sectors.

“We're restoring the prominence of livestock production in Oyo State,” Akande asserted. “This project will significantly impact the agricultural value chain, particularly the livestock industry, in the short, medium, and long term.”

He assured that with the backing of L-PRES and the World Bank, the state government would tackle the challenges confronting livestock farmers. Akande advocated for the involvement of youth in the agricultural sector, believing it to be pivotal for the project's sustainability.

The L-PRES project, in collaboration with the World Bank, aims to create a conducive atmosphere for investors in Oyo State's livestock value chain, including infrastructural provisions.

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