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Friday 1 December 2023

Fight Against Malnutrition: NABDA Director Advocates Catfish as a Weapon

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Prof. Abdullahi Mustapha, the Director-General of the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), has underscored the potential of catfish consumption in the fight against malnutrition in Nigeria. Speaking during a catfish farming training session in Abuja, Mustapha highlighted the agency's commitment to research and development in various sectors for economic growth.

Represented by Mrs. Rose Gidado, Director of Agriculture at NABDA, Mustapha emphasized the protein-rich and cholesterol-free nature of catfish as a key element in curbing malnutrition. He encouraged catfish farmers from across the country to expand their efforts, citing the economic promise the industry holds.

Acknowledging reported losses by catfish farmers, the workshop aimed to equip participants with knowledge to enhance catfish farming practices. Mustapha expressed the agency's dedication to collaboration for the overall development of the agriculture sector.

Dr. Suleiman Isa, focusing on "Catfish genetics and improving catfish hatchery and seed supply," shared that Nigeria's catfish production currently stands at almost 300,000 tons. He urged the trainees to apply the acquired knowledge to boost catfish farming nationwide.

Participants, both male and female from diverse regions, commended the organizers for the valuable training. Mr. Musa Abdullahi from Kaduna State foresaw a positive impact on his work, while Mrs. Kate Davies, a catfish farmer, described the workshop as an eye-opener that would significantly boost her productivity in the fish farming business.

The training session, attended by a diverse group of participants, underscores a collective effort to promote sustainable agriculture and combat malnutrition in Nigeria. With the support of NABDA, catfish farming emerges not only as an economic opportunity but also as a crucial solution to nutritional challenges in the country.

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