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Friday 2 October 2020

Denmark Pledges to Responsible Production of Soya for Animal Feed


The Danish agriculture industry has announced that it has taken up the responsibility of all soya that would be sourced for animal feed in 2025.


According to reports, Denmark currently accounts for approximately 0.5 percent of the world’s soya

production and has sets targets for the sourcing of soya, in respect the industry’s previous soya policy.


Specific intermediate incremental objectives have been set through to 2025 with the minimum percentage of verified soya will be stepped up 20 percent every year, i.e. 2021: 20 percent, 2022: 40 percent, 2023: 60 percent, 2024 80 percent, 2025: 100 percent. This will be third-party verified and in accordance with FEFAC guidelines.


 The Danish agriculture and food industry also committed itself to develop new protein sources which can be cultivated on Danish soil, such as protein extracted from grass or seaweed; this would in turn have a positive impact on the environment.


“We wish to create real and lasting change in the countries where soya is produced and we’ll do this by requiring deforestation-free cultivation and verification,” Flemming Nør-Pedersen, director of Danish Agriculture & Food Council commented.

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