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Monday 31 August 2020

South-West Goat Farmers Call for Government Support in Halting Sheep and Goat Importation

 The Chairman of Ifesowapo Goat Sellers, Mr. Lukman Kareem has called on the Government to support them to have their own farms and stop importing from the northern part of the country and other neighboring countries.


This call was made while answering questions on the current hike in price of livestock and feeds in the country.


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Kareem explained that the current economy is not so friendly with south west goat farmers and sellers as they experience a lot of hazards on their way to buy the animals.


"Many of our farmers have lost their lives while traveling to buy animals and we don't understand why our government ca not support us like how the northern government are supporting their farmers.” He lamented.


He added that many of the farmers were unable to Import their animals at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic due to border closure and interstate lock down.


"During the pandemic, many of us were unable to get our goods due to the lock down but if we have our own farmland with security then we can stop importing these animals from them and also help us to boast the economy of the western region." Kazeem explained.


Alhaji Salami, the National President of Sheep and Goat Farmers of Nigeria, added that fencing is one of the main issues facing farmers in South west Nigeria as many of them own large expanse of  land but prone to insecurity.


He furthered that the government is expected to play a key role in empowering farmers to enable them stop importing animals from the North and outside the country.


"Not just the north, we are also importing from Niger and other neighboring countries. It is sad because we also have big land that can accommodate these animals but we need help. How can you fence about 50 acres of land? We need help and we want the Government to support us." Salami explained.


"Only the government can help us because we don't have what it takes to do this on our own, the Government should try and save us from the stress of travelling when we can easily start our own as we are blessed with lands and grasses." He concluded

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