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Tuesday 5 May 2020

Brazil to export Frog Meat, Swine Semen and other Commodities to Argentina

Brazil has closed a deal to begin the export of swine semen to Argentina.  The agreement which was concluded earlier this year will allow shipping of bovine genetics across the borders of both nations. The same deal also authorizes that frog meat and about twenty seven (27) other items be shipped from Brazil to Argentina.

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During the bilateral meeting held in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and the National Food Safety and Quality Service (Senasa), part of the Argentinian Ministry of Agriculture, reiterated its desire to work closely with each other in a well coordinated manner.

The agreement also stated that, “Brazil and Argentina are committed, in the spirit of their friendly and priority relationship on agricultural topics, to ensure that any pending issues are resolved as quickly as possible.”

Brazil’s minister Tereza Cristina added that “We finally agreed to advance topics which have been on our agenda for years. Our technical teams held meetings and made great progress on subjects of interest to both countries, including the diversification of our agenda.”

The deal signed by Minister Tereza Cristina of Brazil  and her counterpart  Luis Eugenio Basterra of Argentina  is expected to profit  companies in swine genetics including Groceres, PIC, TopigsNorsvin, DanBred, Genetiporc do Brasil and Choice Genetics.

It should be noted that Brazil itself imports some pig seed. Official data from the Brazilian Federal Government for 2018 show that in 2018, 2,083 doses were introduced from Switzerland (45.6%), the United States (20.7%) and France (13.7%).

For the Argentine pork industry, the time is right. There is currently a high demand for porcine genetics to restore pig herds. The two countries agreed that missions would be sent in both directions in the near future to conduct maintenance audits and improve mutual understanding.

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