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Monday, 1 April 2019

More cases of Classical Swine Fever recorded in Japan

Seto and Tahara towns have attracted the attention of the Aichi Prefectural Government after new cases of Swine Fever (also known as hog cholera) were recorded on farms located in those areas.
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Swine fever is a raging pandemic disease of pigs worldwide capable of infecting all kinds of pigs of all ages and developmental stages. 

The disease has a very high mortality rate. The effects of the disease vary according to the strains of the virus which caused it. Strains cause diseases which range from acute to mildly acute to chronic long term effects on the pigs infected.

Symptoms of Swine Fever include high fever (of over 42°C), conjunctivitis, and heavy discharge from eyes and nostrils.

This development, according to a report by Japan Times will result in the death of over 2,400 pigs which have been affected by the deadly disease.

The Aichi Prefectural Government released a statement confirming the reports and announced that every effort will be made to mitigate the spread of the Swine Fever disease.

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