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Saturday 19 January 2019

Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreak: For now, do not import Milk and Meat from South Africa, NAFDAC warns Importers

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in a press statement on Friday has confirmed the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in South Africa and hereby warns the general public about consumption of unpasteurized milk and meat from infected livestock.

The press statement referenced as Public Alert No. 0002/2019 was made public through the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Products, a department within NAFDAC framework saddled with the responsibility of ensuring timely provision of science-based information on the safety, quality and efficacy of veterinary drugs, vaccine and biologics, pesticides, agrochemicals, animal feed and other related products.

In the statement, NAFDAC confirmed that they have been informed of positive laboratory results for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) in cattle in the Vhembe District of Limpopo, South Africa.

It was stated that the outbreak was first reported to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) on 7th January, 2019 and was later reported on 8th January, 2019 in a media release by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Republic of South Africa.

According to the statement, the official World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has temporarily suspended the recognized FMD-Free status of South Africa due to the outbreak.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) is a severe and highly contagious animal disease caused by a virus belonging to the Picornaviridae family. The disease affects cattle, pigs (domestic and wild), sheep, goats and other cloven hoofed animals. The symptoms of the disease in infected animals include fever and blister-like sores in the mouth, on the teats and between the hooves.

Though the risk of FMD transmission to humans is low, humans can contract the disease through consumption of unpasteurized milk and unprocessed meat from infected animals. FMD could also be transmitted through direct contact with infected animals.

NAFDAC has however warned all importers to halt importation of dairy or meat products from South Africa. NAFDAC has also assured the public that all ports of entry are under heavy surveillance to prevent importation, distribution and sale of imported unpasteurized milk, diary or meat products from infected animals.

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