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Thursday 6 December 2018

British Poultry Council Unveils Vision 2019

As Brexit looms, the British Poultry Council has, in preparation for the event, prepared a secure food supply system.
John Reed, chairman of the British Poultry Council announced this while speaking at the House of Commons. This initiative is tagged the Vision 2019, and implores government to ensure the continued availability of food products for every person in every social stratum in Britain even after Brexit.

Mr. Reed expressed his fears about the challenges that will be caused if Brexit takes place highlighting access to food as one of the largest and the dangers of not attending to these challenges as soon as possible. 
He stated that international trade has to be prioritized if a solution would be proffered to the labour and trade situation looming as a result of Brexit.

UK farming minister, George Eustice on their feat which was achieved despite working in what he termed an ‘unsubsidized’ sector and for the significant reduction in the use of antibiotics in poultry production in the UK. He also stated that the agriculture industry was targeting financial support from the government.

Neil Parish MP expressed his desire for Britain to maintain importation standards in trading with other countries, stating that substandard food products should be restricted.

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